Making art with a cause, for a cause


Hala El Kouch is an award winning Lebanese film director and photographer. But as multipotentialite, she is also a film teacher, writer, editor, colorist and voice over artist. She grew up and lived in Lagos, Nigeria since 1995, then moved to her hometown Beirut, Lebanon for her studies in 2008. With a bachelor in cinema followed by a masters degree in film directing from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts; she graduated both with distinction. 

Her work is almost always known for the emotional complexity, depth and layering it holds, tackling not only personal but also social issues. Her films leave an unforgettable emotional, mental but also visual mark on the audience. Navigating the world through film and poetry is what the artist envisions doing in the years to come. Pictures, words, and sounds are what move us. She wishes to be the witness and interpreter of all that is unseen and unheard — pointing out what everyone chooses to disregard. Allowing people to tap into a well of vulnerability and emotion is her way of releasing her audience from misery and pain. She believes her art speaks a language of its own, one that is universal.